Saturday, June 28, 2014

10 Chic Eyeliner Styles

Are you fond of using Eyeliner? Well, all girls are fond of using eyeliner for it could elaborate, enhance and exaggerate our eyes to give more accent and dramatic effect.
Eyeliner is one of the makeup tools that most commonly seen in every girl’s beauty pouch whether it’s liquid, pencil or gel every girls have it.
Trends change every day so don’t stick on the basic eyeliner style you should probably learn new chic and fun styles that will give your eyes more fabulous. Wearing same eyeliner style for days is totally boring there are so many options to choose you'd better try.

Today I’m about to show you a simple and easy ideas on how to wear Eyeliner with 10 different styles to choose from and how to do them.

1. Basic

This is the basic style that apparently simple for natural look. Line your upper lash line not too thick or thin just simple enough to give a natural look.

2. Cat Eye

Cat Eye style that perfect for everyday look. Line your upper lash line and wing it out smoothly.

3. Thick

Line your upper lash line thickly for a dramatic effect then thoroughly fill in your upper rim for more define touch.

4. Double-winged

Draw a regular cat eye then do another one on the upper to make double wings on your upper lash line.

5. Droopy Eye

This style is for reshaping your eyes that suits for girls who have single eyelids especially if your eyes are set close together and small this is the best style for you to look your eyes bigger and wider. Line your upper lash line downward  and extend the line from your outer edge to elongate your eyes, then line the half part of your lower lash line then connect the edge.

6. Bold

So this style is not suit for everyday look as you can see it's too heavy if you wear it in the morning. You might wear it for evening look. Just line your upper and lower lash line boldly with thick and sharp wing. Connect the inner and outer corner and don’t forget to fill in your upper rim for more definition. 

7. Queen

This style is also perfect for night make-up look for special events and occasions because it’s too dramatic. If you want to wear this style I recommend you to use natural shade on your lip like nude, coral, peachy pink etc. except dark colors so that the focus is in your eyes. Set the line boldly on your upper lash line. Line your lower lash line upward then do an exaggerated straight wing tip.

8. Sleepy

Line your upper lash line with a thick edge then connect roundly to lower lash line on the half part. Add a layer on the corner to make it thickly.

9. Fish Tail

This style is so funky and cool. Just do a regular cat eye and do a reverse cat eye on the lower lash line.

10. Reverse Line

So instead of focusing on the upper lash line as we usually do let’s reverse it. Set the line boldly along your lower lash line then simply line the upper thinly with tiny wing.

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