Sunday, June 22, 2014

Red or Pink? Which perfectly suits you?

A makeup look won't be complete without a touch of lipstick. But what color would you love to put on? Red or Pink?
            Red lipstick is classy, sexy, elegant and sophisticated that most professional women prefer to use while pink lipstick is very natural, flirty and fun that is perfect for everyday look especially for teenage girls.
            In my case, I prefer to use pink lipstick for I wanted to look fresh, blooming and natural for my everyday look and it’s suits well for my cool skin tone. I rarely use red lipstick since it’s too heavy for me. I wear red lips if I tend to look dramatic and classy. In fact, I’m so obsessed with pink since it’s my favorite color and I’m a kind of more on girly look style.
            Even so, when it comes of choosing what color to put on your lips, you have to choose what will perfectly suits for your skin tone, age and personality to look stunning not to look awkward. We all know that red lipstick will never go out of style but it can make you look mature so probably teens might wear pink or neutral shades in order to look at your age while red is perfectly suits for 20’s above however it always depends on us which one is more comfortable to wear.
Furthermore, pink is so trendy these days but for those who have warm skin tone, be careful for using pink for it's not applicable for all skin tone because it’s not nice if you tend to wear a bright pink shade that might looks you awkward. Fortunately, there are shades of pink that can suits for warm toned. (not to mention what are those shades)
            Apparently, Nicki Minaj has warm skin toned and we all know that she’s so obsessed of using Pink Lipstick but then as you can see it's suits her well and it doesn't looks awkward since it’s perfect to her personality. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong about that as long as you’re confident and comfortable like her and that what makes her stand out.

Moreover, Taylor Swift is a huge fan of Red Lipstick as she desired to portray a classic look. Obviously red lips really suits her she looks so gorgeous! :)

Therefore, whatever color  you choose whether Pink or Red the most important is you’re confident and comfortable because it will gives you more charm and beauty comes naturally if you’re always comfortable of wearing anything in terms of make-up and fashion.

Anyway, these two Colors give different stunning look so then which perfectly suits you? Red or Pink?

Thank you for stopping by! Have a fabulous day to all :)