Sunday, July 20, 2014

AVON: 5-piece Makeup Brush Set In a Pouch

          Hello guys! Today I wanted to share with you my review about AVON’s 5-piece makeup brush set in a pouch that I got last month. I bought it for only Php 99.00 while it’s on sale, the original price is Php 399.00 which is I saved Php 300.00. How amazing right?! lol

Honestly, I personally love this item for I just bought it on a cheaper price that a good and essential one especially for starters. Those brushes are synthetic while the handle is made of wood. Also, the good thing about it is it comes out with a pouch that so handy and organized. Then the theme color Red and Black is so elegant though the pouch looks cheap but still okay. Thus, each brush has a label on the handles so you won’t get confused.

            The quality of this brush set is good enough for daily usage for it’s very convenient to travel with and since it’s synthetic fibers it’s very easy to clean. Straight off, let me show you each brush a little bit closer.

Blush. At first, I though it’s not good since I know that natural hair type are the best and suitable for applying powder products which can really absorb the powder well and blending is made easier. In fact, the bristles of this brush are soft that won’t poke your skin and good for applying blush.

Foundation. The bristles are firm yet soft that can blend out and evenly distribute the product. This one is good enough and perfect for applying liquid foundation. I love using it since it’s synthetic type that best for cream and liquid products.

           Eye shadow. It’s an index fingernail size, flat, firm yet soft brush that is good for blending the colors.

           Brow. The bristles are angled and stiff for precise control. This one is good enough for shaping your brows.

           Lip. This brush has a firm tapered bristles though it’s not really pointy and thin, which I like and prefer for a lip brush yet still good and easy for evenly applying lipstick. But honestly, It’s quite hard for me to achieve a perfect flawless line.

This product looks cheap yet good one. It’s not like a pro brush but this set is good and essential for daily makeup routine. But honestly I wouldn’t purchase it for its original price of Php 399.00 maybe if they sell it Php 300.00 I could probably buy it even if it’s not on sale because I’m looking for affordable yet good products these days and I think Php 399.00 is a bit too much for this kind of brushes.

 You know guys I’m just always patiently waiting for on sale products that would really worth my money like this one. Hence, if you want to buy this brush set I highly recommend you to purchase it on sale so you can save money but it’s still okay if you would buy it for its original price since you can pay out on an installment basis.

But unfortunately, AVON’s biggest sale is over and the brush set is not included on their brochure for this month of July. But don’t worry because sometimes some products are not included at all in their brochure but on the other month it might be available once more. So if I see this brush set on their next brochure I will update you right away.

 Hope they are on sale again so that you can purchase it on a cheaper price and save more money. ;)

Hope you find this post interesting and informative ;)

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