Thursday, August 7, 2014

Self Nail Art: Cutie Polka Dots

      Sweet day everyone! I’m so happy to make another nail art tutorial for you guys! A Simple and easy design that no need to use any kind of nailart brushes!. We’re just need a toothpick as our tool to create this cute polka dots design that perfect for kikay girls out there! Let’s just play with dots to create cute and girly design for your nails. So let’s get started!

For this tutorial, just prepare toothpick and any color of nail polish you desired to use it’s up to you girl.

To start off, coat your entire nail with the color polish you desired to put on. Me, I desired frosted pink polish for a girly look.

Now we’re going to make dots using toothpick. Since the tip of the toothpick is normally too pointy just simply cut it. Toothpick is a great alternative way to make dots easily.

Get a plastic wrap to pour out a bit drop of nail polish then dip one end of the toothpick into the polish. Now, make dots on your entire nail randomly with your desired color.


Do a regular French tip. If you’re not good in making a perfect french tip you can use tape or sticker as your guide. 

When your french tip is set perfectly and completely dry, now you can make double dots on the edge, it might be on the left or right side.

Then for the final touch, apply clear top coat to secure and protect the design.

And there you go, we’re done! So simple and easy yet cute one J. Hope you enjoy this tutorial please keep reading and support my blog.

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Thank you for stopping by and kindly wait for my next nail art tutorial
Have a fabulous day to all! J