Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Self Nail Art: Flowers & Dots

Hello there! It's been a while since I've updated my Self Nail Art tutorial but now I'm back with this Flowers & Dots Nails that so easy to achieve. I love creating dots designs these days so I made another one. :) This time, I used bobby pin to create this design since I find it much easier to make dots than using toothpick.
Anyway, before we proceed to the tutorial, you should have to prepare all the things you'll need to start off.

Things You'll Need:
Bobby Pin, Plastic Wrap, at least 2 Nail Polishes (a color for the base and for the flowers and dots. You can use another color for the center of the flower) and Top coat.

Let's get started!

Paint all your nails with the base color of your choice or same color as mine. Let them dry completely. As my preference, I opt to use Red & White as my base to give a cute and elegant look. I painted my nails with these colors alternately.

Now, get your bobby pin and a plastic wrap. Bend your bobby pin at a 90 degree angle. Put a drop of nail polish onto plastic wrap and then dip one tip of bobby pin on it and start making flowers and dots on your nails.

Make five dots on the right or left side corner of your nail. On the empty space, it's ideal to put five dots in a circle to make the flower looks evenly. With my Red base, I used White to make dots and flowers. Then, I used Red on the middle of the flower but you can use another color if you want.

Use the other tip of your bobby pin for another color. On my White base, I just put Red dots around the corner of my nail. Well, you can use any color you like that will compliment to your base. Let them dry completely before applying top coat to secure the design and you're done!.

These contrasting colors made my nails attractive even it's just a simple design. It was enhanced by the delightful mixture of Red and White. It's pretty good to match it with my casual outfit or even formal attire. :)

Don't forget to upload your photo wearing this Flowers & Dots Nails on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with #cindysbeautypouch so I can see yours. :)
Thank you for stopping by! Have a fabulous day to all :)