Saturday, September 20, 2014

VALUE PACK: Aido Make-up Kit & Fashion 21 Eyeliner Pencil

Hey lovely girls! Today I just wanna share what I got from Fashion 21 section at SM North Edsa Department Store. I was just roaming around there with my older sister and this product caught my eyes so I immediately grab one. This value pack only costs P100.00 where you can have Aido Makeup Kit and Fashion 21 Eyeliner Pencil which is so practical one especially for students out there.
As far as I know, Aido Cosmetics is sister company of Fashion 21.

The Aido Make-up Kit comes with 10 eyeshadows and 2 blushes besides, it has another color palette but I didn't get one, actually it's more on shades of brown so I picked this one for it has variety of colors that I am looking for.

Actually, when it close it looks like a press powder or foundation (lol) :). Thus, it's so slim and I like the black and gold theme that looks so elegant. I like the packaging it's a plus for me actually because it doesn't look cheap.

Then, this is the Fashion 21 eyeliner pencil with a brush on its cap. Well, it was just a regular eyeliner pencil though.

Moreover, these are the swatch for eyeshadow and blush. Well, I just unconsciously put the eyeshadows reversely so that the darker colors were placed on the top while the lighter colors are on the bottom.

Honest to say, the eyeshadows are not that pigmented you just have to add more layers to make the colors visible and it doesn't stay long. But then, still okay with me it's not too bad anyway. I have some ways to use it like dipping the applicator on the water before applying the eyeshadow or use an eye primer. This way, the eyeshadow can stay longer but blending the colors is quite hard. :(
Either way, despite of some bad points I definitely buy and try more of their products. I consider it good enough since the price is so affordable.
Students, makeup newbies and those who have a tight budget should probably check this out.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a fabulous day to all! :)