Friday, August 8, 2014

Self Nail Art: Lovely Rose

Hey there lovely girls! I’m so excited for today’s nail art tutorial for I made lovely roses nails you’d surely love.  They are so pretty and it’s one of my favorite nail art designs so today I wanna show you how to achieve Lovely Rose Nails just using a toothpick.

- Start with a green polish.
- Drop a small blob of red polish then white polish in the center
- Then using toothpick swirl the two colors into each other so that they will mix together to make a rose effect.
- Make dots on the empty spaces or dashes.

- Start with a white French tip, it’s either a curvy or straight one.

- Then do a rose or more as much as you want.

- When your roses are ready make some green dashes around the rose
- Also  “J” shapes or reverse  one then make some tiny dots at the end of it.
- You can also put some dots on the empty spaces.

Don’t forget to upload your photo wearing this lovely rose design on social networking sites: Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #cindysbeautypouch so I can see yours J
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Thank you for stopping by and kindly wait for my next nail art tutorial

Have a fabulous day to all!